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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year! Well 2020 has certainly been a year like no other! As we step into 2021, we do so inspired by the strength and tenacity and human spirit displayed in our Tri-City students in what might be one of the most challenging years of training experienced. The uncertainty, disappointments, and challenges were faced by a group of people who rose to meet the challenges and embrace new ways of training and new ways of connecting. We don’t have to be brave and strong all the time,but the willingness to do our best with what we have in the moment can not only help us to attain new heights and achieve our goals, but can build a resilience and tenacity to face any hardship that comes our way. Taking small steps in a direction of purpose can help us experience peace and happiness. Bruce Lee once said, “Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind." In his book, Moving Toward Stillness, Dave Lowry writes about the essence of the Bamboo and inspires readers to investigate its attributes: “...Bend like the bamboo. Be flexible; give before the onslaught of force in the same way the long slender boughs of that giant grass flex in the wind or under a load of snow. Remain supple and spring back against oppression as do the bamboo’s stalks. [...] I planted a stand of yellow-groove bamboo in my yard… heavy flakes were falling. By afternoon the branches of my bamboo had grown a thick white coat of snow. They were bending, lowering beneath their load. Completely distracted from my writing chores, I brewed a pot of tea and sat… If you have never seen it, snow-burdened bamboo doesn’t just sag with the extra weight; it twists over alarmingly. It goes down as if it is suddenly developing the advanced symptoms of some kind of plant arthritis. Smaller stalks will bend double, their tips arching right over into U shapes that touch the ground. Just when I began to doubt the plants’ pliancy, just when I was ready to rush out and knock the snow off to save the plants from snapping, one length of bamboo gave a convulsive shudder. It shrugged off the snow, then, after staggering and waving back and forth, it was upright again. All winter I watched the bamboo I’d planted as it flexed under successive snowfalls and then flung off the weight. Spring came and more shoots erupted from the cold, black ground. [...] I started digging at the base of one of the clumps. And that is when I learned there is a whole lot more to the pliant strength of the bamboo than what you can see in its snow-covered branches. Bamboo, propagates itself by rhizomes, long fibrous roots that spread out horizontally a foot or so underground. These roots expand and intertwine, forming a netlike web. The rhizomes are incredibly tough. As I noted, the yielding bamboo is a familiar image that can be found in all kinds of analogies from all over. But flexibility is only half of the bamboo’s strength. The stalks of bamboo are supple, true. They can bend into incredible curves without breaking. Yet without the stout, deeply entrenched roots below ground, the stalks would topple with the slightest resistance. People who know only of the bending and flexibility of this unique plant are not aware of the rigidity that makes real pliancy possible. With the bamboo, flexibility is possible because of the strong, tough roots at the base of the plant. The bamboo’s strength: flexibility, a true kind of suppleness that allows one to bend and spring back against opposition, is merely an illusion unless there are firm and solid roots to anchor it.” When we reflect on the flexibility of our students who were able to adapt to new and often challenging ways of training (or living), we can recognize that they have a ‘strength’ beneath the surface, in their root systems, that includes connection and alignment of purpose. Moving into 2021, we do so from a place of inspiration. We are inspired by those who have risen when they have fallen; those who have given when they have had nothing to give; those who have shown up even when they felt no strength to do so; those who have created beauty with very little, and those who have moved forward with hearts of courage in the face of uncertainty, unfamiliarity, and hardship. May we remember that 2020 has helped us to build strength and resilience and may we celebrate the dawning of a new year with renewed hope. May we connect as families and communities to work towards our goals as we focus on becoming better versions of ourselves. Wishing you good health, much happiness, great peace, prosperity, and much love. Happy New Year! Kindest regards, Tri-City Training

  • Tri-City Training Wrestlers & Karate Students:  Spring Promotions!

    When announcements were made that our training community would be closing temporarily for live classes, the Tri-City training students and athletes quickly adapted to online live classes and video resource materials. It has been incredible to witness the tremendous growth that has occurred despite the seemingly challenging shift in training methods. ​ We are proud to announce that Tri-City will be distributing 107 certificates and belts to various students, athletes, and instructors who have achieved promotions. ​ Congratulations to our incredible Tri-City Family! We look forward to continuing the journey with you!

  • Annual Board Break a Success!

    This past week, all Tri-City Training Campuses participated in our annual Board Break Fundraiser in support of the C.N.G.K. Family Camping weekend (Aug 7-9). Tameshiwari (Board Breaking) gives students opportunity to demonstrate effectiveness of techniques using 1" pine boards. It requires technical accuracy, but just as importantly demands courage, kime, focus, and determination to both get up in front of an audience to present technique and conjure inner strength to get the job done. It is an exercise that has incredible benefits beyond the literal and physical elements portrayed. Giving students opportunity to work collectively towards contributing to the dojo family and providing a platform to teach character building motivates this initiative. We are so proud of our students and their determination and perseverance during this Board Break event! "The boards know what each student needs" and we don't always know why things play out the way they do, but as long as we walk away with having learned something, we can be better for it. Thank-you so all of our families for your support! Congratulations to our students on a job well done! (More images posted on Facebook)

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  • Schedule | TriCityTraining

    Tri-City Training Program Options Membership rates are based on how often you train - contact us for options to suit your needs. Am I Feeling Unwell? (Covid-19 Q) Current programming is offered ONLINE * Group Classes * Private Training * Home Training Program Support ​

  • Martial Arts | Tri-City Training | Guelph

    Ask about our "Train-From-Home" PERSONAL PROGRAMS Welcome! We are looking forward to working with you! ​ Our mission is to consistently deliver excellent service and to provide value that enriches the lives of everyone who comes into contact with Tri-City Training. ​ We offer an holistic approach to training in , , and for both recreational and competitive athletes of all ages. Our programs (individual & group) focus on each student's needs. Talk to us today about how we can help you reach your Goju Ryu Karate Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Strength & Conditioning goals! About Us MAY 2021 ONLINE CLASSES & PRIVATE TRAINING ​ “In the face of adversity, we have a choice. We can be bitter, or we can be better. Those words are my North Star.” (S.C.) LIVE Online Karate Classes LIVE Online Wrestling LIVE Online Private Training ​ Personal Video ​ NEW: TRAIN FROM HOME- Personal videos ​ Karate Video Series Wrestling Video Series Personal Fitness Videos MORE INFO ABOUT freestyle wrestling classes Book Now! Youth Wrestling Teens/Adult Wrestling Freestyle Wrestling Wrestling Ages 4-5 Karate classes information Book Now! Youth Karate Teens/Adult Karate Karate & More Kinder Karate Karate classes information Book Now! Teens/Adult Fitness Strength & Conditioning Group & Private A message from Tri-City Training Director, Tom Cako OAWA Opening Certification "During this unprecedented time of Pandemic, we have had to change our training styles and adapt to a new way of life. Although this has been challenging on many levels, there have been new opportunities for growth and development. We are proud of our students and athletes who have continued to train both online and individually, and shift perspective for their personal development. ​ We are excited to move forward as it becomes safe to do so and have developed a "Training Program" with options for limited-numbers outdoor training (when deemed safe to do so), continued (Zoom) online classes, and private training. ​ Please refer to " STRATEGIES FOR REDUCING RISK OF COVID-19 SPREAD DURING REOPENING OF TRI-CITY TRAINING " document and familiarize yourself with the protocols for training. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Our athletes' and families' safety is of utmost concern. We move forward with gratitude for our Tri-City Community, our health, and the opportunity to train and build a lifestyle of growth and development. Thank-you for partnering with us! " Featured PROGRAMS Goju Ryu Karate Goju Ryu Karate for kids, teens, and adults. Self-defense & traditional karate lessons. Kinder Karate Develop physical literacy and social skills! Kinder Karate (ages 3-5) offers 6-wk programs that reinforce movement patterns and foundations of Martial Arts Strength & Conditioning Private and group training available for strength and conditioning programs. We can help you reach your fitness goals! Complement your training with our holistic approach. Coach training also available. Olympic Freestyle Wrestling Olympic Freestyle Wrestling for all ages! Recreational and competitive programs offered. Little Cubs wrestling (ages 4-7); kids wrestling; teen & adult wrestling available Cubs Wrestling Cubs (Ages 4-6) Wrestling. Learn foundations of wrestling. Learn Fitness, Focus, Fun and Foundations of Wrestling! Leadership Academy Leadership development programs offered for youth and adults. Teaching and Coaching opportunities and growth mindset/personal development focus Strong Girls Credit Program High School Credit Program -"Strong Girls" for High School girls! Contact us for further info! Women's Training Women's training offers an introduction to basic weight training/conditioning and Martial Arts/Self-Defense. For woman age 13+ Online Classes Online - group and private classes available. Contact us regarding Zoom Classes and private training. Get fit and train at home! Show More Tri-City Training & Continual Improvement The Tri-City Training offers an holistic approach to training in Goju Ryu Karate, Olympic Freestyle Wrestling, and Strength/Conditioning. Programs include all ages and no experience is necessary. Group classes and individual/family training is provided by certified coaches and instructors. Memberships fees are based on how often a person would like to train. Special interest courses in various Martial Arts and Strength Training, leadership training, self-defense courses, High School credit programs in Martial Arts, programs for tots (kinder karate and cubs wrestling), women's training, teen's karate and wrestling classes, corporate seminars, Martial Arts workshops, tournament hosting, online karate classes (and online wrestling and fitness classes), and community outreach programs, are among the many features of Tri-City Training. Our goal is to use training as a platform to help our clients build better bodies and minds as we 'build a lifestyle' that can lead to a happy, peaceful life. We'd like to help make the world a better place, one person at a time as we all work on self-improvement. Our Tri-City Training families are who make up this incredible community. It is a privilege to train with and connect with such fantastic individuals as we work towards continual improvement in sport, in health, and in becoming better versions of ourselves on and off the mats. Feel free to try a class to see if it's a good fit for you or your family! We look forward to working with you! Celebrating students past & present... Check out albums (and feel free to send us photos to post!) Go

  • Kinder Karate | TriCityTraining

    Kinder Karate The Tri-City Training Kinder Karate program focuses on the individual development of physical literacy & movement patterns, social skills, and foundations of martial arts in a fun & safe environment. Contact us for more information! Enrollment is limited. Register early to reserve a spot! ​ ​ Ages 3-5) ​ 6 Week Sessions $145 - new student (includes uniform) $95 - renewal fee Application Goals

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