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Tri-City Strength Training
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Tri-City Training is intuitive, is committed, and looks at the big picture. This combination of specialized education and mentoring, an holistic approach to overall fitness, as well as a compassionate understanding of the client’s needs, lifestyle, goals, and concerns, has afforded a truly unique approach to coaching.

Director, Tom Cako, is a Mentored-King Physical Coach, providing the world’s most effective training systems and all programming and instructors/coaches reflect this approach.  The King’s Coach Mentoring Program is a system based on Coach Ian King’s time-tested, successful methods for excellence in training the elite athlete and client services.


  •  Strength Training

    •  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Lifting

  • Speed Training

  • Flexibility

  • Endurance Training

  • PRIVATE & GROUP Training Available

  • Circuit Classes/Fitness Classes/ Fitness for Martial Arts Classes

  • TEAM Training (Including VARSITY & Elite Athletes)

  • SPORT Specific Physical Preparation

stretch class


Flexibility is the key to injury prevention and optimal performance.  Set yourself up for success!  Stay after class to stretch it out and work on your range of motion and muscle health!

Control & Stability

Control drills and stability exercises are important to lay a solid foundation for lifting and performance.  Preparation is key!  Arrive early to work on some of your trouble areas!

Strength Training

Beginner or experienced lifters are welcome in our small group classes.  We keep the class numbers down in order to provide more one-on-one support.  Contact us for more info!