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School Programs

Tri-City Training High School Programs wrestling team
Sensei and student belt ceremony karate

Connecting With Our Community

Tri-City Training offers school programs, coaching, and "for credit" Martial arts.  Contact us for more info!

* Private School Martial Arts Programs

* After School Martial Arts Programs

* High School Wrestling Coaching

* High School Martial Arts For Credit Program

Tri-City Training offers Martial Arts SCHOOL PROGRAMS (Private and Open Classes) or to Supplement current programming.  The Karate Classes encompass an intuitive approach, looking at the big picture. This combination of education, physical training, and mentoring provides an holistic approach. Students have opportunity to work on skills as well as improve fitness. Tri-City Training programs complement each other well and provide a balanced approach to training.

  • Private School Program (Offered during recess break and after-school Program)

  • All ranks  (all ages/grades)

  • Self-Defense Programs (Curriculum Supplement)


    • Offered at Centennial C.V.I. (High School Arts Credit can be earned)


Tri-City Campuses

Waterloo Ave Dojo

Centennial C.V.I.

St. John's Kilmarnock School

KW Bilingual School

Performance & Fitness Centre 

Karate class
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