Olympic Freestyle Wrestling

The wrestling club was established in partnership with Tri-City Training to both introduce children and adults to the art of Wrestling and provide the opportunity for advancement in skills and competition. Our goal is to provide programs that are accessible to everyone.

We emphasize a balanced approach to athletics, excellent work ethic, sportsmanship, fun, respect for others, and safety. Anyone who has wrestled understands both the commitment it takes to succeed and what wrestling gives back to the athlete as a result. The physical skills and character building that a student receives from such a discipline is unmatched. It is the desire of Tri- City Wrestling to simply bring wrestling and its many benefits to everyone.


We offer both recreational and competitive options for members

No experience is necessary!

* Little Cub Wrestling (Ages 4-7)

* Junior Wrestling (Ages 7-12)

* Teen/Adult Wrestling (Ages 13+)

Olympic Freestyle wrestling - for all ages!
Olympic Freestyle Wrestling
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Offering Goju Ryu Karate, Olympic Freestyle Wrestling, Strength Training, and so much more...for recreational and competitive participants of all ages!

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