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Our goal is to use training as a platform to help our clients build better bodies & minds as we 'build a lifestyle' that can lead to a happy, peaceful life.  We'd like to help make the world a better place, one person at a time as we all work towards becoming better versions of ourselves

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Tri-City Training Programs

Tri-City Training offers both recreational and competitive Goju Ryu Karate, Olympic Freestyle Wrestling, Strength Training and personal development programs for all ages.  Corporate programs and Youth Leadership Academy options are also available.

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Goju Ryu Karate

         * Kinder Karate (Ages 3-5)

         * Junior Kids Karate (Ages 5-7)

         * Senior Kids Karate (Ages 7-12)

         * Teen/Adult Karate (Ages 13+)

         * Women's Only Training

         * Self-Defense

         * Seminars & Workshops

         * Guelph Open Karate Tournament

         * Private Training

Olympic Freestyle Wrestling

      * Little Cubs (Ages 4-7)

         * Intro to Wrestling & Karate (Ages 4-7)

         * Junior Kids Wrestling (Ages 7-12)

         * Teen/Adult Wrestling (Ages 13+)

         * Recreational & Competitive Options

         * Matside Coaching available

         * Seminars & Workshops

         * Private Training


Strength & Conditioning

         * Various components of strength & conditioning

         * Personal or small group classes available 

         * Seminars & Workshops

         * Assessment & Program development available 

         * Private Training





          * Recreational Kids Camp

          * Invitation Youth Elite Training Camp

          * Adult Training Camp







          * Private/Corporate/Schools/Clubs/Teams








Leadership Training Academy

          * Leadership training programs for youth and adults






School Programs (Training Program)

          * For-Credit - Strong Girls & Girl Grit Programs

          * Before School Program

          * Lunch/Recess Karate & Fitness Programs

          * After-School Programs

          * For-Credit High School Martial Arts Program

          * High School Wrestling Team/Coaching

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Offering Goju Ryu Karate, Olympic Freestyle Wrestling, Strength Training, and so much more...for recreational and competitive participants of all ages!

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