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Japanese Shrine Gate


Canadian Naha-Te Goju Karate Association (CNGK) is an organization of karate schools dedicated to helping people improve their lives through traditional Goju Karate training. Our curriculum was developed by Hanshi J Purdy, one of Canada's longest training Goju practitioners. Hanshi Purdy is a ninth degree black belt. He began his karate instruction with Sensei Robert Dalgleish in 1962. Robert M. Dalgleish (November 6, 1942 - July 6, 1978) introduced Goju to Canada and is considered to be the father of Canadian Goju. He continued his training with Sensei Bill Hind in Toronto. In 1988 he travelled to Okinawa to study traditional Goju Karate with Master Meitoku Yagi, who was the acknowledged successor to Master Miyagi, the creator of the Goju Karate system.


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