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Annual Board Break a Success!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

This past week, all Tri-City Training Campuses participated in our annual Board Break Fundraiser in support of the C.N.G.K. Family Camping weekend (Aug 7-9).

Tameshiwari (Board Breaking) gives students opportunity to demonstrate effectiveness of techniques using 1" pine boards. It requires technical accuracy, but just as importantly demands courage, kime, focus, and determination to both get up in front of an audience to present technique and conjure inner strength to get the job done. It is an exercise that has incredible benefits beyond the literal and physical elements portrayed. Giving students opportunity to work collectively towards contributing to the dojo family and providing a platform to teach character building motivates this initiative.

We are so proud of our students and their determination and perseverance during this Board Break event! "The boards know what each student needs" and we don't always know why things play out the way they do, but as long as we walk away with having learned something, we can be better for it.

Thank-you so all of our families for your support! Congratulations to our students on a job well done! (More images posted on Facebook)

Karate Orange Belt female youth breaks board with Sensei in dojo
Female Orange Belt Youth Breaks pine board with hammer fist

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