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Being Part of a Wrestling Community

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Wrestling rooms often bring together very different people who may not otherwise have much in common at all.  It's fascinating to see the variety of faces and personalities that appear.  One of the main things in common, for those who stick with it, is the grit and determination that is upheld to be essential for survival; and the other is an incredible sense of community that is developed without ever breathing a word about it. Those who 'battle' together, and share the pains and triumphs of what it takes to develop such tenacity and endurance as a wrestler, have an unspoken understanding of what it takes to 'make it' on the mat. There is pride for those willing to work so hard and a sense of satisfaction with lessons learned.

This past season, the Tri-City Training wrestlers have exemplified what it means to be a part of a positive community both on and off the mats.  People have shown dedication and commitment as training partners and cheerleaders despite injuries or other setbacks. It has been remarkable to see the growth and development in our youngest cub wrestlers, in our youth wrestlers, and in our teens and veteran adult wrestlers.

People wrestle for different reasons; some wrestle for the joy of it; others wrestle for the battles; some wrestle for the fitness and conditioning; others wrestle to be a part of a community, etc. There is a place on the mats for anyone who wants to work hard and is willing to be coached.

The Tri-City Training wrestling coaches and families are all proud of all of our wrestlers.  Several have experienced their first tournaments this season, some have experienced their first victories, and others have faced their first losses or setbacks.  Everyone has worked tremendously hard and we are so proud of everyone's accomplishments and warrior spirits! Each of us has learned something. Congratulations on a fantastic season!

Our adult wrestlers ended the season with a visit to the "Garrison" in Guelph, to have some fun with axe throwing! Thanks to everyone who made it out! A great time was had by all!

We are looking forward to getting a jump start on next Season as we continue to train our wrestling skills and to work on strength and conditioning for the next few months. Our training schedule remains the same until June and then our training days switch to Tuesdays and Thursdays. Watch our News for info on the Summer Training Schedule.

Thank-you to our coaches, our families, and our wrestlers for your dedication and support, and for creating the Tri-City Training wrestling community. Congratulations again to everyone on fantastic wrestling training so far!

female wrestlers compete at wrestling tournament
Tri-City Wrestling Team

Wrestling team poses for group photo at axe throwing event
Tri-City Wrestling Team Social - Axe Throwing

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