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Heart of A Champion

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

two male wrestlers battle it out on wrestling mats
Coach Nick - Heart of a Champion

What does it take to win? Many would say that in order to accomplish a goal or 'win a championship,' a person must have certain characteristics that will lead to that result. Champions are not born overnight. They must work hard, put the 'reps in', and persist in the face of hardship. This week we had the privilege of witnessing a true champion take the podium in a very important wrestling tournament. Although the grit and determination on the wrestling mats that day lead to a gold medal, it was the journey to the podium that makes us so proud.

Nick Ditoro joined Tri-City Training at the age of 10. He and his brother Joey, with enormous support from their parents, wrestled faithfully two or three times per week for 7 years. The Ditoro brothers are an example of what it takes to get a job done. They win and lose with dignity. They are respectful, positive, and work hard. Both Nick and Joey are exemplary wrestlers, and excellent role models for all our young athletes at Tri-City Training.

In order to experience success, people must be coachable and adaptable. They must surround themselves with supporters and positive people who encourage them towards their goals. They must persist in the face of disappointment and adversity. Nick is an example in all these ways.

Last year he trained hard to make it to regionals, but when he did so he learned he wasn't allowed to compete because there hadn't been enough wrestlers on his team. He was the only one. Many people would face this disappointment and feel sorry for themselves... Nick saw the disappointment as an opportunity.

Because Nick's school didn't have a wrestling team, he had been unable to compete representing his High School. In response, Nick started a wrestling team at his school. He recruited team mates and then helped to coach. Nick faithfully continued to train...and this year was able to both compete and win his regional tournament. Where many would have given up, he 'made his own way' and was able to accomplish his goals.

Nick didn't just win the regional championship as the 'underdog.' He came back from disappointment, started and helped to coach a team, continued to train even harder, and lead by example on and off the mat.

It is inspiring to see his journey. Congratulations Nick on your outstanding success!

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