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Happy New Year!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

The New Year brings with it the gift of opportunity to 'start fresh', create goals, or begin anew. We have the chance to continue to work towards goals or begin new ones, and yet although so well-intended, we often get in our own way of accomplishing these goals. There are so many "reasons" (excuses) to not do what we know will help us become better versions of ourselves.

We often hear it said, "I will get in shape and then when I am in shape, I will start karate classes." These people rarely accomplish their hopes of one day getting a black belt because they don't even begin the journey. They tell themselves that others are more talented, or more capable, or have more time, or it's easier for them to get to the club to train. There are many excuses that inhibit progress. If these people would just show up, the 'get in shape' amazingly begins to happen. The key is to just show up and take the first steps. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many to humble themselves and show up "as is". If we can acknowledge that "we are where we are" and start from there, we really increase our chances of succeeding - because we are being honest about where we are and can set realistic goals...and this self-acceptance allows us the freedom to work towards goals.

The ability to recognize where we are and where we would like to go is a key step in setting goals and reaching goals. This goes for both competitive and recreational athletes of all abilities. We need to recognize where we are and not allow that to stop us from moving forward, but rather use it to propel us to where we want to go. As we embrace the gift of this new year, may we all have the courage to take the steps towards accomplishing our goals.

Wishing you happiness, peace, prosperity, and good health!

All the best for 2020,

Tri-City Training

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