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Congratulations Max Bailey, Shodan

New Sensei with black belt in karate portrait
Sensei Max Bailey of Tri-City Training

Canadian Naha-Te Goju Karate Chief Adjudicator, Kyoshi J. Purdy, and all of the Dojo heads would like to extend congratulations to the successful Black Belt candidates from the winter Black Belt grading held in Arthur, December 2nd, 2017. Connor Ancheta (Purdy Center for the Arts), and Max Bailey (Tri-City Training) were both promoted to Shodan. Ed Charleton, (Arthur Karate Dojo), was promoted to Nidan. All three candidates demonstrated excellence in body, mind, and spirit.

Throughout the grading, Kyoshi Purdy and several other instructors were able to offer valuable feedback to each candidate. Each gradee was challenged and successful in meeting each difficulty with perseverance and in good character. It was an excellent learning opportunity for all attendees.

The Black Belt grading offered a superb demonstration of the quality of instruction and excellence in training exemplified by C.N.G.K. dojos. Congratulations to all candidates.

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