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Silver at Montreal Open

Coach Tom with two male wrestlers at wrestling tournament
Tri-City Training Wrestlers at Montreal Open

This past weekend the Ditoro brothers, Nick and Joey wrestled hard at the Montreal Open Wrestling Tournament. It was a fantastic experience... always something to learn. Coach Tom Cako was matside to offer support and was proud of the brothers' accomplishments. "It's always a pleasure to witness the character and hard work put forth by "The Brothers', " said Coach Tom, "They leave their heart on the mat and it's an honour to be a part of that." Both brothers ended the day with a silver medal finish.

With competition at its peak, it's great to have the Ditoro's leading by example at the tournaments. They have been a great contribution to the coaching staff! We are all looking forward to the rest of this season's chapter and look forward to seeing what they'll bring 'to the mat.'

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