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Karate for Kids

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

by Tom Cako

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Karate for Kids - at Tri-City Training

Classes for Kids --

Why get your children involved in Martial Arts? Don’t all parents want their children to grow up feeling good about themselves? There are endless benefits a child can get from studying Martial Arts. Starting with the Personal Development, Karate classes are taught with a value based structure. Things such as respect for others and yourself, discipline and sacrifice are reinforced right from day one. By emphasizing these values in every class consistently, the child will start to grow from the “inside” out. As most “sports” are highly competitive, karate can spend time focusing on ones self in a positive way. On the physical side, starting your child at an early age is a great idea.

They will be trained to improve their motor skills, coordination, flexibility and strength. Through practising technique repetitively and class exercises the child will learn to defend themselves. Eventually the student will be able to walk around day to day feeling confident that they could defend themselves if they have to. At an early age the student will not be aware of this but as an aware adult you can see the changes in the students. Also, many children do not respond well to team sports. Karate can be a great alternative for these children. In the dojo you can build a certain group moral with the students but also have the balance and time to focus on each individual needs, as these can be different for each child.

Benefits of Karate

Concept of Self Control

Physical Development

Spiritual Development

Leadership Skills


Ability to Concentrate & Focus

Self – Confidence


Self Defence

Have Fun!

If your'e in the Guelph area or close to it and would be interested in having your child come to a karate class. Call Tri-City Training directly at 226 979 2622 or contact Sensei Tom directly at

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