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Introduction to Bunkai With Kids

by Tom Cako

The study of Kata and its application can take a lifetime of delving into each "layer" and each "approach". At Tri-City Training we begin an educational approach to bunkai by giving them opportunity to "interpret" what they "see" in their kata and then follow specific steps to demonstrate the self-defense application for their selected technique or sequence.

As students continue in their study they offer interpretation based on their experience and focus at the time. For example, if a student is practicing a lot of takedowns, that student might "see" more throws or sweeps in a kata. If the student is focusing on movement and blocking/attacking angles - that student might "see" the movement and angles in a kata. As practitioners gain more experience - their depth of understanding also deepens.

Practicing bunkai from a young age with karate practitioners gives them both the opportunity to begin to understand kata, practice techniques learned in class, see the practical self-defense application of kata, and have fun with being creative in their development of bunkai!

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