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Happy New Year 2017

by Tom Cako

fireworks at celebration of new year
Happy New Year

As 2016 comes to an end and a new chapter begins, there comes with it a renewed sense of hope and the opportunity to begin the year with a fresh start.

There's something special about a blank canvas -- all the opportunity in the world lies ahead - and as artists of our own lives, we get to paint the picture for 2017. My hope for each of us is that we 'pick up the brush' and take steps towards creating a masterpiece.

So often I come across people who don't take steps towards accomplishing their goals because they feel inadequate or afraid or insecure. There are people who feel they need to "get in shape" before they join the karate class, or wrestling class...when in fact, joining the class helps them get in shape! There will always be a "reason" (excuse) to not take steps towards accomplishing your goals - whatever they may be - relational, financial, physical, spiritual... Determine what it is that you are working towards and start now, taking one step at a time towards accomplishing your goals.

The beauty of our blank canvas is that we have a lifetime to paint our picture - and it is ever evolving and developing. At Tri-City Training our goal is to look at the bigger picture - holistic development of each person- and provide support as people 'build a lifestyle'. We wish you great success with all of your goals! May you have good health, happiness, prosperity, and peace for 2017!

Wishing you all the best,

Tom Cako Director, Tri-City Training

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