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Updated: Jan 26, 2021

by Tom Cako

​I have met many people in my life, in different countries, cities and towns. Everybody is going different directions and doing different things. I look around at the people around me and see people that have success in different areas of their life. Success can be measured in many ways; business, family, relationship, financial, professional etc… But what is the one thing we all have in common? CHANGE. There is nothing we can do about this! Change is going to happen If you like it or not. So why not change for the better?

I have been helping people for some time working as a personal trainer. I have seen some people have great success in transforming their bodies, which carries over to everything they do in their life. And I have seen many people not follow through with their plans. What is the difference between the two? Their willingness to CHANGE. I see two different types of mindsets. One person gets excited about change! As soon as they see their getting comfortable or complacent it’s off for the next challenge. The next step. They take action, they make things happen. They find a reason to change!

The second person will find (and get pretty creative) any excuse why they can’t change. This could be the old knee injury from school, the car accident they had 100 years ago, to busy; I can’t get up in the morning. Not enough time or just pure avoidance – silence. I could go on forever with what I have witnessed and have experienced up to this point. They say they want change. But it’s easier to stay the same. They want instance gratification instead of working long and hard hours, making sacrifices to receive small gains and long term benefits. (We will talk more about this in the future)

I could give two people the same program and get two different results. It’s about their character. What they portray in one area usually will give an indication to how they run the other aspects of their lives. (But I have been wrong before).

So how do we change for the better?

“The greatest leverage you can create for yourself is the pain that comes from inside, not outside. Knowing that you have failed to live up to your own standards for your life is the ultimate pain. If we fail to act in accordance with our own view of ourselves, if our behaviours are inconstant with our standards – with the identity we hold for ourselves – then the chasm between our actions and who we are drives us to make a change.”

“ One of the things that turns virtually anyone around is reaching a pain threshold. This means experiencing pain at such an intense level that you know you must change now – a point at which your brain says, “I’ve had it; I can’t spend another day, not another moment, living or feeling this way.”

Change requires more than just establishing the knowledge that you should change. It’s knowing at the deepest emotional level that you must change. If you have tried to change and failed it’s because you have not associated enough pain with your current situation. You have to place emotional intensity with your actions! This way you’re not just going through the movement, your LIVING in the moment and doing something about your situation right NOW.

If you really want to change the way you look it’s usually for a reason other then “I want a nice but or I want a big ape chest” Find out the true reason by asking yourself questions. Find the answers, make a decision do what you said you’re going to do! (Integrity) With this will come self confidence, power in knowing you can change your situation/life and the help the people around you.

I decided to write about change in the first news letter because I believe this is the most important part of the process. The first step before you step foot in the gym or what ever you do. This is the foundation.

Change in the Mind first and the body will follow!

All the best!

Tom Cako

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