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"Strong Girls"

Amanda McAlpine

"Training has had life-changing impact in my life.  In addition to learning many transferable skills and experiencing many health benefits of Martial Arts and strength training, I have immense gratitude for the lessons that have been learned 'along the way.'   I have learned how to increase resilience, improve strength, feel peace, be happy, and experience greater abundance in life.  I have been given incredible tools to live a happier, more peaceful life.  It is my hope that I can 'pay it forward' gratitude... and help others experience positive change as well."

Thank-you for sharing the journey with me!

Female Sensei and Female young student

The goal of this aspect of training is to strengthen women's capacity to protect themselves against potential risks; learn basic self-defense.  Our program emphasizes the importance of "building a lifestyle" and continual training for self-defense. 

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Strength Training &

Strength training & body conditioning.  This includes an introduction to all major lifts.  The focus is on injury prevention and training for life.  Strong bodies; Strong minds; strong hearts. 

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Intro to Martial Arts

Our program will introduce participants to concepts from Goju Ryu Karate, Olympic Wrestling, Judo, BJJ, and Tai Chi.  We look at a complete self-defense system as well as introduce participants to philosophy and spiritual elements of training.

Female Judo throw Amanda McAlpine World Judo Championships Veteran Mexico

Course Objectives

Using the platform of physical training, the course objective is to build a community of empowered girls and women who recognize their strengths and strive to make the world a better place for themselves and others.  


Our mandate is to build a community of empowered young girls and women who know their worth. We want girls to learn how to advocate for and respect themselves and others. Our strong girls learn to embrace their unique qualities, and strive to live healthy and happy lives.  Our programs help girls to be healthy, educated, and independent. Our environment provides women and girls with the tools, confidence, and support to realize their strengths and help them make the world a better place for themselves and those around them.​


Course Overview:

* Introduction to Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Strength & Conditioning

* Basic movement patterns 

* Personal Development and support