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Tri-City Training Camp

youth wrestling and karate campers pose with camp completion certificates
Tri-City Training Summer Camp

The annual Tri-City Training Youth Elite Training camp took place July 17-21 and was a huge success! Various Tri-City Training wrestlers & karate students participated in a rigorous training week that included physically demanding workouts (100 stairs sprints, Park Circuit, Mole Hill, and Guelph Lake Dam Camp more!) Participants had some down time making Nunchuks, fishing poles, and playing various camp games. The youth were also invited to participate in Level 1 of the Tri-City Training Leadership Academy. The week concluded with an overnight stay at Guelph Lake (campfire, treats, games, outdoor viewing of "The Jungle Book", training, and family BBQ on the beach). It was an incredible experience and such a privilege to work with our outstanding youth! Many of our campers experienced leadership training as they taught various aspects of the camp or helped out with our Pee Wee campers. It was really wonderful to see the growth and development of each member! Special thanks to our participants for the fantastic week! Additionally, please see letter below to our parents.

Dear parents,

Thank you for supporting your child through the Tri-City Training summer camp this year! It has been a fantastic experience seeing our Tri-City kids excel the way they have this week. This couldn't happen without the support and dedication of parents like yourselves.

The kids were physically and mentally challenged in so many ways this past week. ..from the 100 stair run -- to teaching a class-- to the camp challenge - each person rose to the occasion with an incredible attitude. We couldn't be prouder of our students.

On a personal note - I was inspired once again (also as a student) to see our director, (Sensei Tom), leading by example and training right alongside our students. He never asks anything of his students that he is not willing to do himself...even 20 hill With the launch of our "Leadership Academy" during this year's camp, our students had opportunity to learn aspects of leadership exemplified. It's so inspiring to see our new leaders rise to each challenge and experience growth as they discover new aspects of their journey on this path.

Thank you for having your child partner with us this week - it has been a privilege to work with them.

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