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C.N.G.K. Elora Championships

Tri-City Training students display their karate medals
CNGK Elora Championship Winners

On Sunday, April 9th, students from three Tri-City Training campuses competed in the CNGK Elora Championships. We are so proud of the efforts of all of our students! Students competed in Kata, Kobudo, and Kumite. Each person displayed excellence of character and demonstrated evidence of hard work. It takes courage to "put oneself out there" and each person who "showed up" should be so proud. Competition doesn't always go as planned and the outcome is not always what one expects it to be, but hopefully there is always a lesson learned and each person can "walk away" somehow a better person. What one learns is not necessarily evident immediately, but in reflection and contemplation we can all improve character or learn something (whether student, spectator, parent or judge). If we allow ourselves to grow - we will.

It was an honour for students to watch their Sensei, Tom Cako, compete and when he landed his beautiful technique in kumite - they erupted in an uproar of excitement! Sensei Tom has never asked anything of his students that he is not willing to do himself and Sunday's demonstration of his karate was incredible for his students to witness and share in the experience.

Special thanks to Renshi Mike Roberston (Elmira Karate Dojo) and Sensei Barbara Lamble (Elora Karate Dojo), hosts of the CNGK Elora Championships, for a wonderful tournament.

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