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Stepping Onto the Wrestling Mat

Spartan wrestlers compete at Guelph Wrestling Tournament with Coach Tom Cako
Tri-City Training matside for CCVI Spartan Wrestling

It has been an incredible experience partnering with the Centennial CVI and College Heights SS Wrestling Team! Each wrestler has grown in both skill and personal development and it has been a privilege to witness this growth.

Wrestling is a sport that requires incredible stamina, perseverance, and will power. The fight often comes down to two physically-matched individuals and the slightest slip or falter in fighting spirit can determine the outcome of a match.

There is no place to hide on a wrestling mat. You're" the good, the bad, and the ugly"... for all to see. It takes toughness and courage to step on the mat and be willing to be vulnerable. A wrestler takes great risk every time he or she steps on the mat. It has been an honour to be a part of that experience; witnessing the courage, the willingness to 'step up', and the good character of each wrestler as he/she won or lost with dignity. We'd like to offer congratulations on a great season so far and special thanks to each wrestler who has partnered with us through the wrestling experience!

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