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Guelph Open 2017

poster displaying information for karate tournament hosted by Tri-City Training
Guelph Open Karate Tournament

The Guelph Open Karate Shiai, in support of the Children's Wish Fund of Guelph, welcomed close to 200 competitors from all over Southern Ontario on Saturday, November 18th, 2017. Many dojos and styles were represented and participants of all ages performed in a fine display of excellent karate.

Tri-City Training, hosts of the Guelph Open, had the privilege of having guest instructor, Sensei Conroy Copeland (Windsor, ON) lead a pre-competition sparring seminar. Sensei Copeland lead the group through a series of sparring drills and presented training tips in an engaging and entertaining manner. Participants commented on how beneficial it was to learn from Sensei Copeland and have opportunity to "get rid of nervousness" prior to competing. It was a fantastic learning experience for all involved!

After an opening ceremony which included the singing of "Oh Canada" by Centennial C.V.I's volunteers and head of music, Jeff Daniels, the audience heard from Sharon Rice, executive director of the Children's Wish Fund. Sensei Tom Cako, director of the Guelph Open, congratulated participants on their involvement and offered special thanks to all the volunteers.

Competitors presented fine kata and kobudo and also participated in kumite. Award winners were presented with medals and bonsai trees. All participants and spectators were invited to partake in the light luncheon that was offered and many completed holiday shopping by participating in the silent auction and swag clothing vendor items.

The Guelph Open Shiai 2017 was a quality event that supported celebrating the Martial Arts in our community and emphasized a 'bigger picture' through supporting the local charity.

The hosts of the Guelph Open, Sensei Tom Cako & Tri-City Training, would like to congratulate all participants on their demonstration of courage and hard work through competition. Additionally, they would like to extend enormous gratitude to all volunteers and black belts - special thanks to all involved in this year's Shiai. May you continue to experience the many benefits of being involved in competition and karate comradeship. All the best as you continue in 'the karate way.'

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