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C.N.G.K. Leadership Retreat

Leadership Retreat at Barry's Bay for Karate Dojo Owners
Hanshi Jay Purdy of C.N.G.K.

The CNGK Instructors Retreat at Barry's Bay was a fantastic experience this past weekend! This is an important time of training and planning for C.N.G.K. Instructors and Dojo Heads. The weekend included personal karate training sessions with Kyoshi J Purdy and Tai Chi Sessions with Renshi Mike Robertson. A few braved the ice for hill runs and hauling logs. Every meal was an incredible treat and everyone was spoiled with Brenda's home made treats including a turkey dinner! The delicious meals were followed by more hauling logs, incredible music performances, more training, more amazing food, fantastic fellowship, fun, and relaxation on the beautiful lakefront property. It was an excellent time of training, planning, and connecting! We are looking ahead with anticipation to each of the upcoming C.N.G.K events! We are also looking forward to another year with all our CNGK families! Special thanks to Kyoshi Jay Purdy and Brenda for their kind hospitality! It is wonderful to be part of such a fine group of quality practitioners in the CNGK family.

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