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C.N.G.K. Black Belt Grading 2017

The Black Belt Grading took place in Elora, on Saturday, June 3rd. Successful candidates included Sensei Barbara Lamble (Head Instructor, Elora) and Sensei Tom Cako (Head Instructor, Guelph) who both received Godan (5th degree black belt) rank. It was an honour for students to witness their instructors receive this outstanding achievement. Kyoshi J Purdy talked about the training time and teaching time required for this rank and the importance of understanding the complete system/curriculum, leadership development of their students, and contributions for greater good of each candidate. Congratulations Renshi Barbara Lamble and Renshi Tom Cako.

Congratulations also to Collin Burns (Arthur, ON) who achieved Sandan (3rd degree Black Belt) and Alex Laird (Guelph, ON) who achieved Shodan ho (Junior Black Belt).

In addition to rank advancements, several students received their Instructor's Certification achievement. Congratulations to the following recipients:

Renshi Barbara Lamble (Elora) - Instructor Level 3

Renshi Tom Cako (Guelph) - Instructor Level 3

Sensei Ed Charlton (Arthur) - Instructor Level 1

Sensei Matthew Theriault (King City) - Instructor Level 1

Sensei Collin Burns (Arthur) - Instructor Level 2

Sensei Max Bailey (Guelph) -- Junior Instructor Level 1

The Black Belt grading was attended by students representing each C.N.G.K. dojo (Purdy Center for the Arts, Tri-City Training, Elora Karate Dojo, Elmira Karate Dojo, Mapleton Martial Arts, Arthur Karate Dojo, Barry's Bay).

There was an excellent display of quality kata, kobudo, kumite, and board breaking.

Students were reminded of the importance that "putting in time" will make in order to achieve excellence and quality in technique, and to continually work towards self-improvement in both action and character. Special thanks to Kyoshi J Purdy for his dedication towards his students and their continued growth and development.

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